I am getting ready to head into the weekend. I have a lot on my mind and I could certainly use a nap today. But that won’t happen for sure. The topic for today is medical care. My doctor started 2 years ago with a membership system. He no longer deals with insurance of any kind. That is not to say you can’t file for yourself. It saves him a ton of money on administration just in that one think. My family pays $95.00 a month. What we get for that is easy appointments with little to no wait time. We pay approx. $20 for a regular office visit. He can also do what we want or what is best for us instead of what insurance would want. You want a mole removed off your face or somewhere? He will do it because he doesn’t have to justify anything to insurance. You want a 30 minute appointment… you can have it. You still need regular insurance for things that would require surgery or hospitalization. For your girly annual apt he sets aside an hour for you. He asks tons of questions and listens!! I am curious what others think now is this day and age of a plan like this? What are you doing and paying for your health care? I am also just curious if any of my friends have gone out and even looked at the Affordable Health Care website. If you have… did you sign up? I am honestly curious how it is working for folks. I hear on news programs and such but I am sure they lean a little to the right considering what I am listening to.
Thanks and Smooches!!!


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