Graduation time!!!

Todays rant/blog is about Dougs graduation. First I know it is really early to be thinking so much about it but if you know me… then you understand. My situation is this: his cousin graduates on the same day. But to be honest I am not worried about the actual graduation at all. As a family you only get 6 tickets so it isn’t like too many extra family members can come anyway. The big deal to me is the party. I want to celebrate my first child graduating!! I am soo excited for him and his future opportunities you can’t imagine. Well, that might not be true maybe you can. But I am a proud momma bear!! I am sure Doug will be busy graduation weekend so we decided to have his party the weekend after. It just made sense for us. My sister however believes that makes no sense and is having her party the night before their graduation. If I know my boy… he will be out with friends having a good time. He has lots of friends. He is out a lot. I want him to enjoy the weekend as well. My real problem is how much I want my dad there. He is the one person from out of town that I really really want there. But that probably isn’t going to happen. He will come to graduation weekend. Little sister will have him at her sons party. I know it is selfish. I understand that part. She is inviting so much family from out of town it is crazy. I am only inviting my dad. I know it puts him in a tough spot. I understand I really do. So… I am going to continue with the planning. I have already planned his senior pics and who is taking those. I am excited for this year and the new chapters that will be starting. I am going to try not to let it all get to me. After all… Doug is named after my dad. 

After this adventure… Madelyn is the next year… so it will just be rinse and repeat!


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