Aging parents

How many of you out there are taking care of your parents? Maybe taking care of your in-laws? Kevin and I are. We are taking care of his mom. I really feel too young to have to take care of parents. I thought it would come much later. His mom had a stroke and has a bad hip, and diabetes. She can barely walk across the room. She can’t leave the house and certainly can’t drive because she is legally blind. The good news for her is she is native American and gets good health care at the Haskell Indian Clinic. She has no income and is on disability as well. We do her shopping for her and take her to all of her appointments. I don’t regret it don’t get me wrong. I just thought this happened later in life.
My mom has COPD now. In a few years she will probably need more help. My little sister loves to play the part of hero so I think she will fill in a lot with mom. But I will of course do what I can do. My mom still smokes though… that puzzles me. Why if you are having trouble breathing would you still smoke? But then again I have never been smoker so I have no idea how hard it is to quit. I do have mitral valve regurgitation however. And when I get out of breath I have a hard time catching it and I don’t like that feeling so I think I would stop smoking. For me the only big problem right now is stairs and carrying things.
My step-dad had a heart attack a few years back. It was scary. Scary for everyone. We all stayed with my mom the entire time. We took turns staying the night with her and everything. My mom doesn’t do well when left alone. Jim had his surgery and is better now. But I think we were more worried for my mom if he didn’t make it than we were for him. Sorry Jim… but dying isn’t the worst thing. 
My dad…. Well he never really tells us much. He is a guy who glosses over the bad stuff. I think he is in pretty decent health but if he wasn’t… I am not sure he would tell us. He has Ann to take care of him though. I don’t really worry about having to take care of him.. he is in Georgia. But I definitely do worry about him. He turned 70 this year!!! Yikes!! I feel like all of the sudden he is old.
Kevin’s dad… well I think one day he will just fall over and die. No prolonged anything. Someone will go to his house because no one has heard from in a few days and we will find him there. I hope that isn’t insulting… it isn’t meant to be at all. It is just what I think.
The general condition of health care right now concerns me for my mom and step dad. They are the “caught in the middle” people. Jan gets disability and healthcare. My dad and Ann have enough to take care of themselves but my mom is doing okay. Okay means a big health care problem would hurt. And because she is okay… I feel like the healthcare for the middle of the road people is worse than the health care for the bottom of the ladder people. Am I wrong in this thought? Any opinions? I am not sure why I think that… I just do. I only know a couple of people who signed up for the Affordable Healthcare and both of them… say they haven’t paid for it yet. Nothing. How does that work?
Oh well, I should get back to work… just thought I would drop a thought off.


One thought on “Aging parents

  1. Dani

    It’s hard once your parents’ age begins to show. My parents are relatively healthy, but my in-law’s are not. They are in Brazil, however, so there is only so much we can do for them from here. I dosee my mother-in-law coming to live with us down line. But not anytime soon. I’m not ready for that yet.

    Blessings to you.


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