Anniversary Poem

This is a poem I wrote for Kevin for our 15 year anniversary. We will be married 18 years this year. Time flies I tell you. I am not the best poetry writer. I like to write… but… well… i will share anyway. Here goes:

The first time I met you…
I wasn’t sure if I liked you.
You were kinda mean.
Made a joke about how I looked like a child.
I was 16.
I had heard a lot about you.
People liked you.
Did I?
My heart was set on someone else.
Time passed….
We became friends.
Good friends.
Card partners.
I told you secrets.
Then the someone I thought would be forever faded.
Not because of you.
Because of me.
I wanted more.
I started to look at you a little different.
I liked the way you looked at me.
What have we done??!!!!!
A baby???!!!
No way.
Terrible timing.
I thought I couldn’t.
Guess I was wrong.
I asked the question.
Go or stay.
You aren’t trapped.
But I was in love.
In love with this baby already.
You choose to stay.
I am glad now.
We have done well.
15 years later.
2 beautiful children later.
But always back to love.
You will always be there for me.
I know that.
As I will you.
I think…
I know…
You are my forever now.
Thank you for the bumpiest
Yet most well spent 15 years.
Here’s to at least 15 more.


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