My Divine Beauty– A Poem

This is a poem I wrote back in January of 2012. It was inspired by my most amazing at the time 14 year old daughter. She is 16 now and even more beautiful and amazing every day!!

My Divine Beauty

I have an angel
Not the kind in heaven
The kind here on earth
I am in awe of her beauty
Just looking into those beautiful eyes is hypnotizing
Her smile is radiant
Her beauty is stunning
Her personality is strong
I taught her to speak her mind
I also taught her to speak the truth
To love
I encourage her to be everything her heart desires
I believe she will succeed
She will conquer
She will probably even conquer me
Strength is a gift I gave her
Not physical of course
She should have ALL of it
Even if it isn’t tangible
But sadly…
Somehow she lacks this
I have seen the real her
She has no reason to doubt herself
Everyday she amazes me
It is hard to believe the miracles
That God trusts us with
That he shares with us
The beautiful souls
We don’t deserve
But I feel the blessing
Sadly for me…
Someday I will have to give her wings
To let her go
To succeed on her own
Maybe to have her own babies
Her own miracles
My divine beauty.


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