I had another dream last night
A dream of deception and hate
I am the bad guy
Maybe because I have had
So much trouble letting go
Forgiving and Forgetting
That is a fairy tale for us
Because you can only forgive so many times before you soul
It remembers the scars
The pain and the betrayal
It remembers the torture
The tears and the fear
Your name
Your face
Your voice
It doesn’t take much I feel my blood boil
A heat from within
I have heard it said that
You can’t hate what you have never loved
That is a bitter pill
Mostly because it is true
We were close
We were best of friends
We grew up doing everything together
I am not sure where it turned
I have an idea
Funny thing is
You would have a completely
Different story
We are worlds apart but in
Some ways we are stuck here together
For the last 5 years
We have been playing nice
Making others happy
Seeing each other on holidays
Family events
Faking a smile
I am done now
I am letting go
I am letting go of you
Letting go of us
hands letting go
Moving on to find a new peace
I don’t need to make anyone else happy
I have a beautiful family
And I have my faith
It is time to let go
So… goodbye
Goodbye drama
Goodbye hatred
I forgive… but I am moving on
bird flying





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