This last week I had two different friends who were concerned about posted pictures in social media. And I am not talking about horrible pictures, just your everyday kind of picture. This doesn’t make much sense to me. My logic is that anyone I am friends with on fb or in the world will love me as I am and for who I am inside. It breaks my heart that we worry so much about what others think. I think if you don’t like me… delete me or better yet… let me know and I will block you. Good riddance.
The picture I posted with this blog is from a day I went to Worlds of Fun. Of course I wanted a pony tail but my hair wasn’t long enough but I tried anyway. So… when I took the pony tail holder out the hair stuck straight out and I couldn’t calm it down without a shower. It is what a lot of peeps would call a terrible picture. Not me. It is just me that way I am. If you don’t like it… too bad!! Two hours later I took another pic… I posted that below. I don’t think wither is better at defining who I am. Smooches to all!!
2014-07-18 18.19.42


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