Religious Traditions Distract from Divinity

This is a reblog. I totally agree that my personal relationship with God is more important than organized religion. I like to just have that conversation with God in the car. My favorite place to pray. My favorite prayers and prayers of thanks as well. I have a lot to be thankful for!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chapter TK

There was a time I was really into my religion. I went to Catholic school and leaned on the idea of this deity who would bestow justice on the world. I think I once mentioned on this blog I made my brother cry when we were young when I told him of the torment heโ€™d experience in hell for lying. Another time, I was panicked that my parents dared to go to church on a Saturday night instead of Easter Sunday (but then the priest said it counted. That made it okay). I had all the prayers memorized, all the actions, all the movements and all the ideas. In 8th grade, I was voted most likely to become a nun. Where did all these rules and traditions get me? I ended up far far away from the God I claimed to admire.

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