Monthly Archives: August 2014


This blog today is more of a rant. Sorry but it is just in me today. I don’t understand where this country is going. We have huge problems that we aren’t really paying enough attention to.

1. Abortion- I know some of you out there are prochoice. I feel ya… But no, we are people don’t make good choices. If we made good choices there would be no need for abortion. We are human and we make mistakes but I don’t know how killing our unborn children fixes a mistake. I know there are some that say.. what about rape? And that is an unfortunate problem. Bad things happen to good people all the time. You could be going along and someone who is texting while driving hits your car and you are now paralyzed. Should we shoot you because something terrible happened to you? No. Killing is not the answer and that unborn baby hasn’t done anything to deserve it. And don’t tell me it is a clump of cells or a fetus. I have never met a woman who says “I am pregnant with a clump of cells.” Or “I can’t wait to see the sonogram of my fetus.” We call it a baby when it is convenient. But it is always a baby.

2. Voting- With an election just this week. I feel terrible that so many people didn’t go out and vote. This is not only your right but in my ways it is your obligation to do this. People have fought in wars and died so you can do this and you blow it off. I think that also we should make it easier for people who don’t come from politics and money to run for office. We need some new ideas and people who aren’t tainted by the power.

3. National Debt- Holy HELL!!! Can it get any bigger. We need to make some huge cuts and stop spending. Get some regular joes in there with pencils to draw big lines!!

4. IRS and taxes- Get rid of the IRS. They are an evil entity with too much power. I like the flat tax or the fair tax. Something better than what is happening now which is killing the middle class.

5. Entitlements- They need to stop or decrease. I don’t mind helping out the single mom with kids get back on her feet. Nor do I really mind helping anyone out for a while. But there needs to be a time frame. And a drug test. I bet if we implemented a mandatory drug test before you picked up your check 50% would not show up. And if you are one of those people who are down on your luck and need a little help… you won’t mind peeing in a cup. I had to take a drug test to get my job and I didn’t mind at all. Now I take a prescription drug as prescribed to me by my dr that shows up in a pee test. So I temporarily failed but it took them 24 hours to call Walgreens and verify my prescription and release my exam.

6. Ebola??? Really, lets just bring it to the US?!?!?!? Stupid!!! Enough said!

7. Illegal Aliens- This isn’t my biggest concern right now. I understand that the numbers make it a problem. They come here and because they are illegal can’t get health insurance and such and become a drain on our economy. I think we need big walls!! And just deal with common sense and each situation individually. Start getting them on the path of legal citizenship.

8. The rest of the world…. I am scared for them and don’t even know where to start.

I have many more concerns… but this is a start. Any ideas?