These are worth taking a couple of seconds to laugh at. Reblog!

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Just love these awkward photos on loan from I was inspired to show y’all these by the last shot which is wonderful – wait til you see it!

The poochies expressions above and below are priceless! Yes we are human. Yes quite a few of us are nuts. Get used to it Poochies!


Get your coat Nana, you’ve pulled! (Does that phrase travel across the Atlantic and elsewhere I wonder!)


You can just hear the photographer, ‘No, no! It’ll look romantic. This won’t look stupid at all!’



Awkward family photo, 2002

It’s that photographer again!


Yep. Same photographer!


I’m not that keen on one of my children…I don’t know…he just didn’t grow on me!


Yep! Same photog.


No one will notice!


I know! let’s swing the childre….aaaaagh!


Do I have to say it?


Just wrong! 🙂


I promise you…this will look really artistic. It will be you thinking about your lovely bride…

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Mommy chuckles

This is a reblog… but I loved it… I felt all of those things.

peanut butter on the keyboard

So I just finished and turned in a book and I’m fried… I always enjoy a good laugh, especially ones about being a parent. Which one(s) of these do you relate to?


I do this ALL the time! I do this ALL the time!


This is so me! This is so me!

My favorite is when they ask - "what are you eating, I smell chocolate."

My favorite is when they ask – “what are you eating, I smell chocolate.”

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An Open Letter From My Boobs

This is a total reblog!! I love her view on this!! Amazing!!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Dear Susie Lindau,

For thirteen months, we’ve hung out in our new residence behind your pectoral muscles. It has taken us a while to get used to the cramped quarters, but we are adjusting. We understand you are trying to make us feel at home. Although, we totally appreciate the effort, sometimes, you freak us out.

First of all, why do you grab us every time you tell someone about your double boobectomy? The shock alone turns our silicone hearts to ice. One minute we’re chillin’ while you’re yammering on with a friend, an acquaintance, or some random person you just met. Then you snatch us in fists so tight, well, it’s disturbing. We understand you like to talk with your hands, but quit feeling us up.

grabbing my boobs

You are pretty insensitive. We are adopted. We know you miss your old boobs. We will never replace them, but we’re doing our…

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Religious Traditions Distract from Divinity

This is a reblog. I totally agree that my personal relationship with God is more important than organized religion. I like to just have that conversation with God in the car. My favorite place to pray. My favorite prayers and prayers of thanks as well. I have a lot to be thankful for!!! 🙂

Chapter TK

There was a time I was really into my religion. I went to Catholic school and leaned on the idea of this deity who would bestow justice on the world. I think I once mentioned on this blog I made my brother cry when we were young when I told him of the torment he’d experience in hell for lying. Another time, I was panicked that my parents dared to go to church on a Saturday night instead of Easter Sunday (but then the priest said it counted. That made it okay). I had all the prayers memorized, all the actions, all the movements and all the ideas. In 8th grade, I was voted most likely to become a nun. Where did all these rules and traditions get me? I ended up far far away from the God I claimed to admire.

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I do accounting and this poem was sent to one of our invoicers today.

A totally perplexing problem for only a wizard to solve.

Numbers don’t match

Figures don’t correlate

Finances are mystifying

Policies baffling

Excel can’t even fix this disarray


Are my only hope.