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I do accounting and this poem was sent to one of our invoicers today.

A totally perplexing problem for only a wizard to solve.

Numbers don’t match

Figures don’t correlate

Finances are mystifying

Policies baffling

Excel can’t even fix this disarray


Are my only hope.

Open Mouth Kisses

I am just curious. I told my husband today I was going to open mouth kiss him… just as a warning and he said, “why?”
I shouldn’t be so surprised. We never do this. We have been married for 18 years and really have never been big open mouth kissers. I am curious how many people really do kiss “like the movies” with any consistency. We certainly don’t. I wouldn’t say I am missing out on something… I don’t really know. I feel awkward at times doing this and maybe it is lack of practice. Maybe after 18 years… I want something a little different. I want to try new ways to connect.

What about you?

I forgot…

This is a reblog but anyone dealing with parents with memory loss might appreciate.


How many times over our life do we utter the words “I forgot” when something we were expected to do or to know, has slipped our mind?  Well, if you’re like most people, probably quite a few times. I would like to think that I do a pretty good job remembering stuff most of the time.  It wasn’t until the last few months that I realized what a blessing and privilege that is.  A gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  It used to annoy me when my kids or my husband would forget where they had left their sunglasses, backpack, wallet, book, keys, etc., and the list can go on and on.  It seems like I have always been the finder of lost objects in our home.  As much as I try to get the rest of my tribe to be responsible for their own stuff, in the back…

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I love you…

Everyday I realize

What a beautiful family we have

I look around

There is nothing there

Nothing to be jealous of

No one loves like we love

No one trusts like we trust

No one cares like we care

I can count on you

Count on you to be there

For me

For him

For her

For us

I have no complaints


I trust you

No doubts

No fears

Just love.

For that I

Thank you!


Lately on the news there have been two beheadings. And I would argue that the way our media has ran the stories is exactly what these horrible people who have perpetrated the act wanted. I believe they could have told us the story without showing us so much of the act. I have a lot of opinions on the media lately and they are just one outlet to blame for this. I do have a bigger bone to pick. Since when do we the United States of America let this happen? Two of our citizens beheaded in the last two weeks. I think it shows weak and poor leadership that we let this happen. Never before do we let Americans just get beheaded without some kind of reaction at all. I heard a joke yesterday that literally turned my stomach….
Did you hear Obamas reaction to the news?

He be heading to the golf course… then my 17 year old son laughed.

I can’t believe it. I am disappointed that we aren’t more furious. That we haven’t struck back in some fashion. That we seem to have no plan. I want justice. I don’t believe in might makes right but I do believe as a nation we do have some responsibility and we could argue exactly what that is and where to draw the line but I really don’t believe we are anywhere close right now. And if this was back awhile and we didn’t step in.. we would all be talking German.

I realize there is a lot that the government knows that I am not privy to. And I do believe that is how it should be. However, if I were Obama right now.. I think I would be listening to some of Ronald Reagans speeches for some ideas.
“Mr Gorbachev tear down that wall!!!”
There was no mistaking what he meant to say and he said it with authority.
We need some authority. We need some firm action. They need to know… we are serious. Obama’s speeches right now do not emulate any power, authority, or respect. They do not say we mean business. They do not say we will not stand here and let you behead another of our citizens… not even close. We need hero right now… who will it be?

I believe in our country.